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The Collective Exhibition 

In the collective exhibition the role of the curator is centered around bringing the works of multiple artists from different cultural contexts together in a cohesive, inclusive and meaningful space. 

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Exhibition Goals

Recognize fresh and innovative trends to elevate functional fashion objects from different time periods and cultural contexts

Deliver a well curated space that guides viewers on a mutually educational and compelling journey

Utilize spatial elements to emphasize the universal language of fashion (ie. wall colors, vinyl text, blueprints, exhibition guide…)

Exhibition Brief 

Throughout her journey, Marie emphasizes the valuable role “understanding people” played in getting to where she is today. Marie’s collection involves diverse pieces that each retain their own history, stories, techniques, culture and relevance. This collection indicates Marie’s ability to recognize needs and deliver functional, simple and meaningful fashion to people. In this space, Marie wants viewers to be guided on a journey, understanding, learning and connecting with these pieces that all have their own story. She says “fashion is a language” and wants the universality of these anecdotes to come together in a fresh, innovative and inviting space.

Head to Toe  sees the work of fashion icon and influencer Marie Colbert, known for introducing “camouflage” to the industry. Colbert’s collection considers the influences of culture and inclusion over time, taking viewers on a journey wherein familiarity and newness coincide. The space features samples by high fashion names such as Oscar De La Renta, Donna Karen, Lester Hayatt, Paloma Picasso, Chanel and Ungaro. 

My Roles


Exhibition Designer


The Exhibition Space

Exhibition thematic headline 

A universal language transcending the ever shifting cultural landscape of fashion. Relocating oneself in the crossover between familiarity and newness is the blueprint of a story worth sharing. 

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