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The Solo Exhibition 

The goal of a solo exhibition is to showcase the works of one specific artist, giving the viewers the chance to experience the works and space as a continuous storyline. 



APRIL 1 - MAY 6, 2022 

Exhibition Goals

Business Goal

Implementing appropriate business concepts and knowledge to plan, design, execute and market an exhibition. 

Artistic Goal

To bring to life a carefully curated space that challenges the viewers to look inward and pushes towards the unknowns that could be realized through self exploration and awareness.

Exhibition Brief 

This exhibition will take place in downtown sarasota where the primary aim of the whole document that follows is an introduction into the world of exhibition design. Showing the different aspects that go into the creation and formation of an exhibition from multiple interdisciplinary standpoints. This exhibition titled Pulse, brings to life an artistic and inward looking experience that is propelled into the physical exhibition space through the implementation of a series of business strategies and concepts that will be explored within this document as they pertain to the exhibition.


In “Pulse ” Zawaideh explores the duality of impermanence and permanence within one’s reality. The very nature of the continuously distinctive self is challenged by the various contexts it is placed within, uncovering invasive truths. Some with physical connotations and others intangible, similar to the way a memory evokes a physical response from the body. The series invites the viewers to let go of every quintessential version of themselves and become immersed in the unknown.

My Roles

Project Planner



The Exhibition Space

Exhibition Title Thematic concept

The title of my show “Pulse” is a plurality of celebration and mourning, life and loss, permanence and impermanence, beauty and pain. A life begins with a pulse, but also ends with one, it’s impermanent but can guide a life of permanent impact in what it leaves behind. The title, despite its simplicity, demands attention and holds an indefinite power.

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