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The POP-UP Exhibition 

A pop-up exhibition is a temporary art exhibit that is less formal than a gallery or museum, it usually is open for a few days and is curated to showcase new works and create memorable experiences within the space.




Exhibition Goals

Develop marketing strategies specific to the exhibition type, in order to attract a large target market to the event 

Curate and activate a temporary space with the aim of  showcasing new artworks and bringing a different/unconventional concept execution to an unsaturated market.

Exhibition Brief 

This exhibition will take place in the heart of Amman, Jordan. Introducing viewers to a unique creative experience within an activated space. 

B2429B5A-31F5-4F16-8255-A3C763AB0FE3 2.JPG

In Borderlines, Zawaideh explores the dualism between mind and matter with respect to the dreamstate. The series transitions between the artists’ tangible and intangible realities both in and out of a dream - examining the way one moves in a dream, and the control one has over their next decision. Zawaideh’s use of the body in multiple contexts characterizes the materiality of certain sentiments experienced during such a state. The space asks its viewers to consider who they are beyond the limitations of their bodies as they explore the relationship between mind and matter within space and time. 

My Roles

Strategic planning and marketing 



The Exhibition Space

Exhibition Title Thematic concept

Borderlines ultimately employs deception as a channel linking reality and actuality in pursuit of what truths can be unveiled beyond the limitations of mind and matter.

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