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About The Artist

Jordanian artist Jude Zawaideh creates enigmatic, vaguely familiar compositions that explore the multiplicity of reality and human consciousness, diving into the artist’s personal experiences within her reality. Viewers find themselves exchanging glances with the subjects immersed in scenes of uncomfortably formidable yet intensely introspective states. Zawaideh’s approach to art making is profoundly challenging yet innate: “Each painting is my way of allowing my mind to drift into unknowns I don’t consciously control, transmundane notions unravel within this space,” She said. 

The artist shifts between the illusions of subjective and objective realities and the deception that accompanies existing as a self. Her work serves as a reflective medium that pushes towards notions such as self-awareness, inward looking examinations  and curiosity. 

“I am made aware of the consequence of the body, how every circumstance is felt, experienced and endured by the body. I find myself tightly gripping parts of my body - like my arm or biting my lip - involuntarily, forcing the feeling of being grounded. It happens automatically, as if body and mind were two separate entities in which the body attempts to inform the mind.” 

The bodily self is explored in Jude’s work as a channel between the internal and external worlds by its very nature. Her concepts acknowledge that an individual self exists through, in accordance with and because of the body. Many of her compositions depict the conflict between remaining grounded and the dissociation from one’s current reality through the maladapted subjects.

In her depictions of the physical and subconscious aspects of the self, Zawaideh utilizes compositional layers as an instinctual element of each piece, the layers are as unpredictable as the self. Viewers are faced with a composition that is - in and of itself - deceiving them in the layers that hide behind what it is they initially see.